Thursday, January 13, 2011

playground rules...


the first rule:
have fun

all these years later
i have vindication
i was right!

i was right to suggest
that recess is important for young children
i was right to request that policies at the school change
to insure a quality time
was spent on the playground.

i was right
even though
she looked at me
as if i were speaking a foreign language
as if i did not have a clue
as if i were just being a big whiny baby.

the other morning
as reported on
good morning america
studies show
that play time
is a very important component to children's development

the leaders and experts interviewed
encouraged schools to change
encouraged parents to request
and demand change
to make sure play time was part of each school day.

i was right.
i knew it then.
i know it now.

i also believe
what is true for children
is true for adults.

play time
time to enjoy
time to unwind
time to run, breathe and laugh
should be part of every day.

my friends are the
playground rules!

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