Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It is the one who laughs...

Last night
as our country grieves
another mass shooting
it was the one who laughs
and the one who makes us laugh
who spoke wisdom.

Jon Stewart.
Whether or not you
agree with his take on things
or don't think he's funny...
he spoke wisdom.

His opening words:
Tonight we probably don't have a good show.

They risked ratings
to carve out a space for sanity.

He continued to make clear
that in a moment like this there was no point
to the political banter we become almost numb to
nor the slap stick banter his show
is known for.

While others on both sides of the aisle
work to exonerate themselves
and to
push blame onto the backs of their opponents
it was the comedian
who spoke

"Did the toxic rhetoric of the day
cause this shooting to occur?
I can't blame it....though I hate
our toxic political environment.

Crazy seems to always find a way...
though we must not be hopeless.

I don't know why it is we
make our political opponents into enemies.
Why do we talk to each other like this on t.v.?

Go ahead and read about those
who have been hurt
and you will discover
people you don't even know
living lives of dignity and goodness....
and this is not a rare thing.

(These words are not a direct quote....
but they are as close as I could
get to the message that was shared
without cutting and pasting.)

it is the one who laughs
and the one who makes us laugh
who had the courage
to speak wisdom.

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