Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it is a choice...

My Anglican friend taught me long ago
why she chooses to show up
why she makes herself available
to receive the bread and cup of Eucharist
the communion of the Lord's Table...
no matter what church she is in.

We had gone to a Greek Orthodox Church
to experience their liturgy.
When the time came for Mass
my friend got in line with the other parishioners to go forward...
I did not.

I didn't know the "rules" of the Orthodox Church.

She went forward
but was not allowed to receive....
not permitted to participate.

After worship she explained,
"I always make myself available.
I always choose to put myself in a place to participate.
I always respond to the invitation to receive.

If the church does not choose to allow me to

participate or
then the choice is theirs.
They will have to explain one day
why they chose not to
my willingness to
to receive."

I'll never forget her words,
her wisdom,
her faith,
her choice.

I've sought to do the same ever since.

In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
many faithful
and Transgendered
sisters and brothers
continue to respond
to God's calling...
continue to make themselves available,
continue to respond to Christ's invitation to follow,
continue to show up with the desire and the gifts
to fully participate in the ministries of the church.

It has been
and continues to be
the "official" choice
of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
to push away,
turn away,
and otherwise ignore
the presence,
the calling
of God's GLBT children.

It's a choice...
a choice that can change...
a choice that can end
with the
adoption of
Amendment 10-A
to the denomination's
Book of Order.

We discuss, debate
and vote this year,

I pray for the outcome...
I pray for change.

But this I know for sure...
I've met others
who are like my Anglican friend...
and like her...
they will continue
to show up,
they will continue to
respond to God's calling,
they will continue to
offer their gifts to the church.

Now we wait to
see what the church will choose to be and do.

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