Thursday, November 4, 2010

big sister at it again...

My sister
she's at it again
stirring around
in my memories.

She always knew
how to get to the truth.
One simple sentence
while intently looking me in the eyes:
"Do you swear to God?"

Brought me to my knees
every single time.

She's not standing in front of me today
but it doesn't matter
I still see her
and hear her.

She's here too....
reading these words!
Aren't you Jaime!

"Do you swear to God?"

Then the truth came pouring

from my soul.
I've always crumbled
when being plopped down
in front of God's throne.

So here's the truth
this week....

Sometimes it is important to fess up.
I can't carry everything.
I put a couple of things down this week
and oh,
it's easier to breathe.

Sometimes it is important to ask for help.
We can't journey on our own...
even those who look strong and together...
they can't do it on their own either.
So thank God for friends
who listen and text and email
who speak and pray and love.

as my dear friend discerned this week
the only choice available
is to say it....
to name it....

even when it's hard for the other to hear.
If what an institution or person
says and does
sounds like hate
and feels like hate
then it is most likely hate.
Is it too much to ask
for hate to end?

we need to remember....
the promise
God made in ancient days
is a promise

and well for this day.

No matter the valley...
no matter the darkness...
God's promise remains
just for a
moment and
time such as this.

And that's the truth
and nothing but the truth.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Oh, my friend!
Thinking of you and hoping things are better....