Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how many more doors...

How many more
are there to
walk through?

Despite all the doors
that get slammed in our faces
there is always
another door
to be opened...

Sounds trite
doesn't it?

And yet...
the past few years
have been about
walking through
of new beginnings.

Along the way
I've had to let go

of old perspectives...
mostly perspectives
I had about my own life.

Perspectives like:
I'm not smart enough,
courageous enough,
disciplined enough,
strong enough...

I had no choice but to let go.

What I discovered
has freed me to
let go of unnecessary things
I've been carrying around
and to finally do
what I thought

Lose weight.
Balance my check book.
Take care of my taxes.
Maintain personal records.
Keep up with my daily schedule.
Take my day off.
Do things I enjoy doing on my day off.
Eat balanced meals.
Schedule and show up for annual medical exams.
Diligently maintain my vehicle.
Admit to self and others what more I have to learn about life.

These are some of the "things"
I thought impossible.
I'm not gloating or bragging or nagging.

I'm simply
that seem
really are possible.

But this revelation
and these life changes
came only
after I was forced
outside my comfort zone.

I've learned change
doesn't much occur
when we are well within our
comfort zone.

So with this...
I see another door.
Suppose I'll open it
and see
what awaits.

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