Monday, July 12, 2010

tell the story to the next generation...

A father whispers into his daughter's ear
the story of a time when he was afraid
and his mother brought alive
the reality of God's presence
offering him comfort and hope.

A grandmother dances with her grandson
tapping into the deep laughter
and joy of God's Holy Spirit,
a joy creating both memories and a future.

A great grandfather holds his son's new born child.
With his finger he gently touches the sign of the cross
on his child's forehead
speaking the words of the ancient covenant,
"You are a precious child of God."

A congregation becomes a family,
speaking, singing, dancing
the story God first breathed.
Together we are to share our stories....
to take the time to hear...
really hear what there is to tell.

When we do we discover
again and again
how God loves.

"We will not hide them
from their children,
we will tell to the
coming generation
the glorious deeds
of the Lord
and his might
and the wonders."
Psalm 78:4

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