Wednesday, July 28, 2010

good times at the vet!

This is Sister she is my Besinji mix.

It was vet day...
What a hoot.

I walked into the waiting room to make an appointment.
It was full
really full.

There was Roxy...
she had an ear issue but she was ready to rumble!
Crystal was a shy farm dog....she had been
having a hard time breathing.
She sat under the bench and looked out at the rest of the room

Henry had a concussion.
Seems the farm gate was left open.
His momma found him by the road....she was worried.
Rusty made a grand entrance.
His back leg limp didn't slow him down one bit.

Pets seem to bring folks together.
We were all sharing stories and laughing
and sharing our concern for our little buddies.

Who knew....
what a delightful experience
I had at the Vet.

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