Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Accent!

A definition:
In linguistics, an accent is a manner of pronunciation of a language. Accents can be confused with dialects which are varieties of language differing in vocabulary, syntax, and morphology, as well as pronunciation. Dialects are usually spoken by a group united by geography or social status.

The first thing a
Texan and a person from Jersey
must deal with
is the accent!

You have an accent.
You noticed.

Is one accent
superior to the other?

Is one accent
easier to understand?

I suppose the
answers vary.

I remember one of the first
things I experienced when
arriving at Seminary was
a speech test.

Those of us who had thick
accents were flagged
and told to attend
a series
of classes.

Soft rolling South Carolina
sat next to
the hard "i's" of a Texan.
We were both told
to loose our

we didn't.

Accents tell a story.
Accents create the collage
that makes our country
so rich.

Hi y'all.
Haa YOO doin?

In the end...
no matter how we sound
we are saying the same thing.

there was only one
person I met last week
spoke a couple of words
I could not discern....
and she knows who she is!

In the end...
we laughed
and laughed.

The accent
makes life
much more
interesting and fun!

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Karen said...

You did just fine!!! WE all understood you!