Thursday, October 30, 2008

to what lengths does one go to please?

Four years ago I joked with our church Sexton. I pretended to be upset over the fact that the toilet paper was put on the roll backwards. I shared with him I like the paper to roll over the top. He said, "It does!" I said, "No it doesn't." He walked me into the men's room and showed me that each stall has two rolls of paper. He pointed out that he always puts one roll that rolls from the top and one from the bottom. Other's had offered real he tries to please them all by offering both ways. He also leaves a roll out if someone happens to not like either of the other two options.

But alas, not even options are enough to please people.

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Fat Doctor said...

I'd be happy if we could just keep the toilet paper somewhere within reach. Our dispenser is in a tight spot, way too tight for fat people, and so we can't use it at all. I like the TP to sit on the back of the toilet. When I need it, I'm likely to turn around and find NONE. I'm thinking of actually putting several rolls on the back of the plunger just to see if Martha Stewart will explode somewhere in the US.

PS: I'm impressed with the flossing. Are these artworks home-drawn? You should put up some of your watercolors.