Monday, October 13, 2008

a new label

I suppose it's time for a new label. I'm not quite sure my label can promote "new and improved", only "different". In two weeks I will no longer be a Co-Pastor, only Pastor, Minister....Solo.

Yes, it will take some adjusting. I've worked hard to correct people when they ask if I am "the" pastor of the church. I always add that I am "one" of the pastors. Until we figure out how to staff the church with the absence of my wife and current Co-Pastor I will have to learn how to respond when I am asked what I do.

Perhaps I need a label to stick on my shirt to remind me that I am soon not to be a Co-Pastor.

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Caroline said...

Many years ago my husband and I were driving home in the car and were discussing a friend's mother and the fact that she was a Lay Preacher. Our (then) small son was in the back. Next time we saw this friend our son said to him "Is your mum really a lake creature?" Maybe that's what you need, a lake creature can be very useful.....