Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the trickle down theory works how?

Republican, Democrat, Independent or Canadian....the trickle down economic theory is officially a disaster. The theory that the wealthiest, if given tax cuts and incentives, will encourage more spending from the top with the idea that their wealth will trickle down to the lowest in our society and keep our economy running and robust has turned out to be a farce.

I'm sure many can explain the current financial crash on all kinds of factors and politics....however the bottom line is the wealthy ones among us have crashed....and there won't be much downward trickle.

All I can see on the horizon is an upward trickle....bale out sounds a lot like something that will show up on my tax form in the coming few years.

The President is currently speaking on the television....explaining why our country is still the best to invest in. That may well be so for people in China and other places in the world. I for one don't have much at the moment to invest with.

The trickle dried up and it looks like it will be pretty dry for some time to come.

All I can do is wait for my vote to trickle up in November.


heelers said...
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TCUgrad said...

I appreciate your post, but in some ways feel you miss the mark on this one. You can paint yourself as being financially struggling, but you have a home, probably more than one car, a computer, probbaly a cell phone and cable television. And apparebtly that's not enough, so we have to bame the government! You have been so blessed, my friend. Stop playing the victim and live like a victor!