Thursday, April 3, 2008

televangelists promise miracles for a donation!

Oh my word...... the televangelists were on the tube big time last night. That wacky Jan with her triple sized Dolly Parton hair with a pink tint and local yocal Benny "Hen" were yacking up as storm last night.

Another guy I have not had the pleasure to meet shared this revelation....something he called Jesus math. "One person is all it takes to grow a ministry. Two can bring in thousands, three millions. That's the beauty of Jeeeeesus. It only takes a few people." Of course they wanted you and me and thousands of others to send in "miracle" sized donations.

Don't get me wrong. I have as much faith as the next person. I don't doubt that God can accomplish great things through one or two. But I am here to say...if you have had a bad day, or a bad month, or a bad year. Turn on your local televangelist station and I promise you will have a laugh.

Tacky bleached, poofed hair on both the "mangelist" (male televangelist) and the "womangelist" (female televangelist).....

oh my gosh they made this pastor laugh again!

And who said miracles don't happen. Thankfully mine did not involve a large check to one of the bozos on my television screen. Seems Jesus doesn't need all that hair and glitz to work a miracle!

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