Friday, April 4, 2008

passing guest

How many people have we met who have been friends for long periods of time? How many times have we heard people say to each other...."We've watched each others children grow up." As ministers my wife and I have been passing guests in the lives of many people.

Unlike our parents and many people in the church we serve we have not and will not stay in the same home, in the same city our entire careers. Ministry is the modern vagabond industry. People let us in, we see the depth of their relationships and then God calls us to the next journey.

We never know how long the present journey will last.....which makes us wonder every long will I get to live with these folks.

As I share stories at our dinner table I talk about people my children have never met.....people who have been part of our life story. I remember Ed Head and his wife in Louisville. We were great friends with Bill Cook and his family in El Dorado Arkansas. In Houston, the Kotchaver's and the Hammond's became family. In San Antonio we were welcomed in to the Goff's, Beyer's and the Baran's homes. Thanks to the Swindles, and others in Richardson we now have a family.

I suppose blessings come in many ways. Even though we have lived in a number of cities and often feel as if we are eternal guests, we have enjoyed many good relationships. I thank God for that.

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