Wednesday, April 9, 2008

leadership in the postmodern era...that's now!

The Lone Ranger, CEO, Hierarchy, and the allure of the mega star as leader are all out. It's time for Dorothy leadership!

Minister's known for their academic knowledge and decision making skills must move over for ministers who will be known for their example. Instead of talking, the time has come for more listening. Instead of ruling, the time has come for relationships. Instead of creating workers in the church, the time has come to concentrate on the journey rather than measurable goals.

Leaders are being called to allow space and wisdom for failure. Leaders are not expected to know everything about the final destination. Good leaders in the postmodern era encourage and strengthen people to ask take allow for apologize when share the decision making among the strong and the weak.

The Reformation emerged with these ideals. Seems to me the church has turned back the clock in time. The Hierarchy of the Pope was replaced with the "capitalistic corporate model of leadership". Just as the early reformers rejected the abusive power of the Pope, I reject the abusive nature of corporate leadership in the church.

Somewhere in the midst of those who call themselves the Emergent church and those of us serving in traditional settings but are asking questions.....a new way of being the church will rise up.

The time has come for more "Dorothy's"....leadership that walks in the shoes of those who are on the same path.....leadership that doesn't know everything about the destination but has courage and love and brains enough to keep on walking.

I am ready for this kind of leadership in the church.

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