Saturday, March 8, 2008

nostolgia for the good old naive days?

See Dick run.
Dick is running.

Run Dick run.

The world is not
what they told you.

See Dick run.

Dick is still running.

Run away Dick.
Run away.

The world is not
simple anymore.

Ahh, the good old naive days when things in the suburb were clean, blonde, and ever so simple and the same. Dick and Jane, Spot and Puff, Sally and the gang.....they taught me to read, but they didn't prepare me for the world as it is today.
Things aren't so simple and blonde anymore. Can't say that I miss such.

I cherish the diversity. My children don't know this Dick and Jane world, and for that I am thankful. My children are learning to live in a world that is not so simple and the same and I think they are the better for it. They wo
n't have to spend so much time tearing down walls built by a culture that was so naive, blonde, and ever so simple and the same.

From the not so simple world:
ain't it wonderful!

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