Monday, February 18, 2008

one funny chic in a habit!

Last Saturday night we went to the local Arts Center for Late Night Catechism. this is one funny nun! What a fun, fun evening! My wife and I got called down to the front of the class three times! I was the first to be called on. I raised my hand when asked if anyone knew what the stigmata meant. I answered correctly. That's when the nun asked my first name. I told her. Then she asked what my middle name was. I answered Blake. She pondered this and quipped, "Well, dear that is a pagan name." Then she asked what my confirmation name was. My wife hit me on the arm and told me to tell her Peter. I did. Ms. Nun sensed my hesitation and asked, "Are you telling me the truth?" I told her I was not. She then told me I owed her $5 for impersonating a Catholic!

My wife was next. When the nun asked who Cain and Abel had married my wife yelled out Thelma and Louise! Ms. Nun asked who had yelled out an answer without raising their hand. She eventually figured out it was my wife. Nun said, "Oh, the Presbyterian's wife.....figures." My wife had to pay three dollars!

Others in the theater had to pay fines for being late or out of order. In the end we were told that the money raised helped to support nuns who had been left penniless because of a decision made during Vatican 2. The Catholic church opted out of Social Security. Thanks to the traveling show, Late Night Catechism many stranded nuns are being taken care of. Over one million dollars has been raised by this funny, funny traveling show. This nun almost makes you want to become Catholic.


PT Pastor said...

Do they have a web site to find out their schedule?

laughing pastor said...

google Late Nite Catechism.

Sorry it doesn't look like they
come to Kansas or Missouri!

You'll have to come to Texas!

laughing pastor said...
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