Thursday, December 20, 2007

your really felt a need to call this week?

A fund raising company,
a phone company,
a copier company,
and sales person from a religious video group
all called the church this week.

Do they realize what week this is?

We in church offices are overloaded with work.

It's almost Christmas Eve!
On top of preparing and printing bulletins for Sunday, and three for Christmas Eve and the bulletin for the Sunday following Christmas we also have pastoral care issues to deal with, choir and youth events, and a slew of visitors coming home for the holidays who come by the church office to visit!

You really felt a need to call this week to see if we might be thinking about
raising a million dollars,
or changing our phone service,
or buying a new copier or purchasing dvd's for the summer

You thought we would be willing to talk about these things with you?


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