Sunday, October 21, 2007


When I was in Africa, I walked this road. We lived one mile from the church. Sometimes we were the only people walking....other times we were surrounded by large groups. When alone on this road....God had the space to fill my mind and heart.

I wasn't on a dirt road in Africa, but rather I sat in the big chair on the polished wooden chancel this morning. Today was an image rich Sunday.

We had a 2-year old who was baptized. She helped my wife pour the water in the font, then reached down to touch the water. After her baptism my wife introduced her to the congregation. My wife said, "See all your church family out there in the pews?" The little girl pointed at all the people.

Our Dir. of Christian Education preached on her last Sunday with us. She talked about discernment. One of her favorite teaching tools when talking about discernment are the Dove chocolate bites wrapped in foil. The inside of the foil has a saying, like a fortune cookie. She asked the children and youth to come forward to take little buckets of chocolate into the congregation. Our job was to eat the chocolate and read the message inside. Her sermon talked about discerning God's calling....which is a little more involved than reading a prepared "fortune" found inside some chocolate. My favorite part of the chocolate is that we have a strict food in the sanctuary. On her last Sunday she made everyone in the church break the rules!!!

The Sunday started and ended without one complaint. Sunday's without complaints are rare.

Thank you God.

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