Friday, October 26, 2007

myth number two...all americans are alike.

In my quest to be pastor for the world, you need to know more about me....and then I want to get to know about you. We both need to shed our preconceived notions. Along the journey we will hopefully learn more about this world we live in.

I am an American. Myth number 2: All American's are alike.

There is no getting around that fact that America is a wealthy country that uses most of the worlds resources.

There is no getting around the fact that the American government has made some very arrogant decisions, especially under the current administration.

There is no getting around the fact that many in the world believe that all American's want the world to be like America.

American's are often their own worst enemy.
It is beyond me how a country built on the very premise of being a melting pot of many cultures can be so hard headed when it comes to tolerance of other languages, and cultures!

As a child of the 60's I watched Vietnam war on the nightly news.
As a teenager in the70's I watched the Watergate scandal on daytime television.
These two events taught me that the American government makes mistakes, and can't always be trusted.

My patriotism for my country is very different from one who lived during World War II.
I don't really have a need to believe that the country I live in is better than all the others. Don't get me wrong there is much I love about the country I live in, I just do not believe that I am better than others just because I am an American.

I'll never forget driving a young man from Cameroon, Africa into a poor section of San Antonio. He had only seen images of America as being rich. He had no idea that in America we have poverty, and homelessness. He sent pictures back to his family to show them the truth about America.

Yesterday an Anglo woman came to the church. All she asked for was water. She had empty plastic jugs and one thermal cooler. We filled them up with water so that she could take them home to flush her toilet and so that her five children could take a sponge bath. Later in the afternoon she came back to refill her containers. We also shared clean clothes and a shower. She apologized for not being clean and explained that her water being turned off was simply a temporary set back.

Americans are not all alike.
That is a myth.


Fat Doctor said...

Beautiful post.

shawn said...

Amen Brother, Amen !!

When our food cupboard (Food Bank) began to expand to meet the need in the community here, I remember people saying - "there's no need in this town, there is no poverty ..."

I thank God everyday that the spirit opened eyes and hearts to the truth, and the community has continued to respond ... my one hope is that one day our Governments have such an epiphany and respond ...

In faith we believe it will happen, and we work accordingly ...

Keep up the good work my friend !!

PT Pastor said...

Good post. I will have to mark it for when I am overseas and people think we are all alike.

By the way this minister of the world goal. Remember in seminary I was appointed, and I guess still am, REVEREND JUDGE of the WORLD by my parishoner who was a psych prisoner.

I wish you all the honor I have recieved.