Tuesday, October 30, 2007

myth number four: change is a dirty word.

In my quest to be pastor for the world, you need to know more about me....and then I want to get to know about you. We both need to shed our preconceived notions. Along the journey we will hopefully learn more about
this world we live in.

I have been called to change the world I live in.
Myth number four: Change is a dirty word.

I have learned working in the church that change is a dirty word, simply mention the word and the mood changes!

Some people say change is naive.
"We've tried that before!"
Some people say change shuns the past.
"You are always looking for something new! Why don't you spend some time getting to know me and what I have already lived and experienced?"
Some people say change is oppressive.
Many faithful Christians go into corners of the world for the pupose of change the place and the people into their own image.
Some people say change is frightening.
"I comfortable with the way things are right now, thank you very much."

Elie Wiesel wrote that the way we change the world has everything to do with how we live in the world.

My experience in life has taught me this: Meeting people from different states, and countries, different economic backgounds and ethnicities, and religions has changed my world. Hopefully in the exchange of words and relationships I've changed other people as well.

Changing the world around you has everything to do with being changed yourself!
My wife and I adopted our son when he was two days old. He is bi-racial. He changed our
world then and he continues to change our world today.

My wife and I grew up in a very Anglo middle class family and neighborhood. I son has opened the doors to new worlds for us. When my daughters friends said that my son could not be her brother she asked why. They responded, "Because you are not black." My daughter looked them in the eyes and said, "Of course I'm black."

Change is not a dirty word. Change is life giving. I want to change the world and I expect to be changed in the process.

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