Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my ride to work...

Cool weather, broken down I rode my bike to work!

Here's my story:

To monitor traffic the police placed the electronic speed sign in our neighborhood. I wonder........what was my speed on my bike?

o.k so I doctored the picture a bit. I really was clocked at 11 miles an hour!

Took a break to remember those saints in Psalm 137 who sat under the willows and wept!

Here's the proof I made to church alive! This is the scene out back of the church!


shawn said...

The Next step is coming up to visit the Prairie Preacher and taking a 30 mile wilderness tour !!!

Way to go bro !!! you're awesome!!!

Bet you were smiling ALL day !!
Glad to inspire someone out there ... lol!!!!!!

laughing pastor said...

I did smile all day. I had a great day. Suppose that bike thing got something working that hasn't been working.

Two miles to almost killed me. way. I'll visit you when it is snowing and icy.

Fat Doctor said...

I think you may have lost five to ten pounds on these bike rides.