Sunday, October 28, 2007

all she asked for is water...

It's just a temporary set back she said. "Do you think it would be o.k. if I filled up some empty jugs with water? That's all I need right now, some water to flush my toiliet and for my children to drink. They turned our water off. We hope to get it back on soon."

She has five children.

"Yes," I said. I also told her to come back as many times as necessary.

Today she and her oldest son were in worship. She simply came to worship. She asked for nothing. Our youth were gathering for a quick choir practice and then a pizza lunch before going off to the local amusement park for some Halloween fun. We had an extra ticket. We were able to offer it to her oldest son. He said that would be great, but he wanted to know something else. "Is there space in your choir for me?" He went in and practiced with the choir.

We stuffed his pockets so that he could buy drinks and snacks.
He walked out of the building with new friends.

There is no way we can make sermons up like this one.
Only God does stuff like this.
Only God!
And God seems to be doing a new thing around here.


Fat Doctor said...

You're making me cry! Beautiful story, just beautiful.

MY OWN WOMAN said...

I have a present for you on my blog.